Easy steps to perspective : A garden design in one point perspective

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Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Perspective Drawing:
How to be skillful in perspective drawing? You need to have 3 importants keys to perspective drawing which are:
a. Perspective knowledge (refer to google.. and you will find many information about perspectives, read about types of perspective which are 1,2,3 point perspective and one more which is multi point perspective (seldom people discuss about this perspective but in reality we always need to used it).
b. Perspective skills : Refer to my videos (overall about 980 videos) but you need to follow these steps
1. Fundamental of perspective (refer video https://youtu.be/KXVxIFzPARU)
2. One Point Perspective (type miandza : one point perspective)
3. Two Point Perspective (type miandza : two point perspective)
4. Multi Point Perspective (type miandza : multi point perspective)
5. Three Point Perspective (type miandza : three point perspective)
c. Attitude toward perspective skills : You need to have a positive attitude to practice the perspective drawing skills. I cannot help you on this matter. It is up to you to do practice. I always believe ‘Practice Makes Perfect’.
Notes : Please help me to share this channel to many. Hope it may help you or your family and friends to master perspective drawing skills.

If you want to learn perspective drawing in systematic way, you may subscribe (USD99.00 a year) paid platform at www.drawzania.com. Please refer to perspective section (Premium account). There are about 200 demo videos using step by step technique created by myself. And also you may get an access to more than 2400 demo videos in different drawing categories such as anime, cartoons, animal, human figure, and many more.

Thank you
Dr.Ruzaimi Mat Rani (miandza)


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