A visit to my Sister’s Flower Garden | Discovered new passions | Beautiful Natural Flowers.

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Flowers are an integral part of life, it is grown for many reasons, not withstanding the reason for its beauty, yet I have seen many are growing flowers for a couple of reasons, one for beautifying & the other for inner peace, joy & a sense of resounding the gift of God’s creation.
Hello friends, I would like to introduce some of my sister’s flowers, “Bloom Where You are Planted”my sister started planting & nurturing flowers for the past 7 years, she spent lots of time, energy & perhaps money buying new flowers, spare times are all invested into her flower garden & I realised the reason for rendering time in her flowers. very simple & purely based on rural area. I have discovered my passions for loving flowers & everyday I never missed watching new bubs, seedlings, seeds, flowering & by next season will add new species .Natural flowers.
List of Flowers ( Sister’s Flower Garden)

1.Hydrangea 2. Geranium 3.Fuchsia
4.Begonia 5.Wild Orchids 6.Cymbidium
7. Bougainvillea 8. Spiderwort 9.African Lily & Roses 10.Crysanthemum 11.Daisy 12.Coral bell 13. Lilium 14. Euphorbia
15. Succulents etc.


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