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If you are looking for ways to go green, then this week’s episode of Mansoor talk is for you! i found a hidden green gem in Qatar where an Indian family turns their yard into a beautiful garden. Although Qatar’s climate holds harsh summer temperatures, however, the green community remains to grow every year, with more people creating amazing mini-gardens filled with fruit, vegetables, and plants. So, if you’re looking to get inspiration as well as some quick tips for creating your own greener and healthier garden at home, join our favorite host Mansoor as he takes a tour to that hidden gem. You can contact Simi on- simipaul1203@hotmail.com
The home garden can be defined as a farming system which combines different physical, social and economic functions on the area of land around the family home. It is a place for people to live in but it also produces a variety of foods and other things for both home use and income.

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