How to germinate seeds? 10 surprising hacks for you indoor garden | Gardening

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How to germinate seeds fast 🤔? We’ll show you! In this video by Fabiosa, you’ll find the best way to germinate seeds 🌱 at home so you can grow your own corn 🌽, garlic, potato 🥔, broccoli, and other things quickly and easily!
Our clever hacks to germinate seeds are super simple and fool-proof 👌 so you can use them even if you’ve never grown anything before. We love 💖 indoor gardening and planting and with our DIY life hacks, you will too 😉! Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more organic gardening, simple DIY tricks, and other useful things 🤗.

00:04 – How to germinate seeds in a water bottle 🧴
00:45 – How to grow garlic at home
01:20 – How to grow corn 🌽 from seed
01:54 – How to germinate pistachio seeds in paper towel
03:07 – How to grow succulent from seeds
03:36 – How to make potato 🥔 sprout at home
04:02 – How to germinate broccoli seeds
04:27 – How to grow bananas 🍌 at home
04:45 – How to germinate parsley seeds in paper towel
05:14 – How to grow sesame seeds in a kitchen sponge 🧽


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How to germinate seeds? 10 surprising hacks for you indoor garden | Gardening

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