Gardening for Beginners

Gardening for Beginners

Happy Tuesday Everyone! Thank you for your likes, subscriptions, comments, and questions. Due to the intense interest, I have decided to release this Gardening for Beginners video this week. It details every single thing you will need if you want to try gardening and have no idea how to start— and all very simply. Please enjoy, and see below for links of products I recommend to carry out the simple steps outlined in the video. Every black thumb is turning green today!!! Happy beginnings gardeners! Keep me updated on your progress, and keep sending your questions over! xo

Bus-Blend Biodynamic Compost

Bus-Blend Biodynamic Potting Soil
(Oyas are sold out on their site, and not even on Amazon… I emailed my contact at the company to get the down low on what’s going on)

Earthworm Castings
(Not the brand I used, but a good option on Amazon)

Garden Hand Tool Set

Pots (with holes 😉

Gardening Gloves

I love buying seeds from Baker Creek