Vegetable container gardening for beginners

Vegetable container gardening for beginners

Growing crops in Multi layers is a unique method .

Saves space ,soil ,compost,ferts and water .
The decomposers like earth worms enrich the soil .And some deeper roots hold the other weaker smaller ones thus support one another .

Beans lock nitrogen in the soil for all the other plants.

Papaya gives support
to beans to spread n climb .
If u grow garlic or Marigold they act as natural Herbicides to fight against pest attacks.
Harvest the greens first and meanwhile my chillie will be ready .
Then the potatoes will show leaves are getting pale indicating the roots are bulging to form more potatoes .In about 3 months .I can harvest them .leave a couple behind to reproduce and repeat the cycle .
After one crop it’s better to grow sweet potato or ginger in the same soil but potato again .
And on top layer I can again sprinkle more herb seeds .
The harvest of each like spinach or herbs results in the re distribution of nutrients, oxygen and light because we pull the plant and uproot soil gets cultivated.
popo gives fruits within 8 months to one year unlike other fruit trees which take 3 to 4 years to start fruiting and need a lot of space unless they are dwarf variety.

Potatoes also increase the soil fertility .Are great companions to garlic,onions,beans etc .

Herbs like coriander can self seed and propagate if left for long .Add great flavours to Indian & Thai cuisine.