Lanscaping contract and garden design for Foxrock, Co Dublin.

Lanscaping contract and garden design for Foxrock, Co Dublin. – The brief for this contract was to landscape the front and back gardens. The client wanted a low maintenance garden to include a new driveway with wider entrance, low maintenance beds with all year round interest, raised beds, entertainment area, new shed and a lawn where there two young girls could play.

We first started on the front garden widening the entrance to ease parking. We then extended the existing concrete driveway by digging out lawn area, laying 50mm of compacted quarry screenings covered with 100mm concrete. The beds were then created using 200x100x100 brown granite split cobbles layed on there side. An apron was then created at the entrance using the same cobbles. The next task was sub-contracted out to Smart Drives who then layed the epoxy resin 16mm layer over the cured concrete finishing the driveway. Unwanted plants were then removed with remaining being pruned and the hedges being clipped. Suitable shrubs, perennials, trees and climbers were then planted. To reduce future maintenance all beds had geotextile matting laid, covered with 75mm layer of bark chippings.
Moving to the back garden we first removed the existing garden shed, unwanted plants, rubbish and carted all to dump. The raised entertainment area was then created using Cota brown limestone 30x60cm slabs. The raised beds were then installed using pressure treated railway sleepers laid on there edge. The raised beds had the double function of creating interest and depth to the garden and allowed us to import topsoil as the existing soil was very poor for healthy plant growth. The surrounding walls were then clad with infill trellis to give support for climbers and to take the hard look off the grey concrete walls. Next the paths and mowing edges were installed both using Cota brown limestone. Baumann buildings of Stillorgan then delivered our new 8×6 garden shed which fitted neatly behind one of the raised beds. This raised bed was then planted with a mature bamboo hedge to softening the shed. The rest of the beds were planted with suitable shrubs, perennials and climbers. To reduce future maintenance all beds had geo-textile laid covered with 75mm bark chippings. The lawn was then installed using instant roll out turf.
The client was very happy with the results and we stayed within budget. For garden design and construction please contact Kevin Baumann 086 8198444.