Grow Amla Fruit Backyard Garden

Grow Amla Fruit  Backyard Garden

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Amla is the medium size deciduous plant. It grows to the height of 8 -18 meter. It has a unauthorized trunk and spreading branches. Its flower is yellow greenish in color. The fruit is spherical stake yellow with six vertical furrows.

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The mature fruits are nonflexible and do not fall for the gentle touch. The stereotype weight of the fruit is 60 -70 g. Amla can grow in light as well as the heavy soils. It is grown under the tropical conditions.

The young plants are protected from the hot winds as they dye easily. It requires proper sunlight. It is irrigated during the monsoon season. It starts validness fruits in seven years from the day of planting.

It requires full sunlight for proper growth. It is well well-timed to variety of soils at pH ranging from alkaline to neutral and acidic. Plant shows preference for calcareous well tuckered and light textured soils.

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For young plants, water should be provided every 10-15 days. Can tolerate temperature from freezing to 46°C.

Organic manures are preferred for the plant. The yield does not have any specific requirement for N, P and K. However FYM or nitrogenous fertilizers unromantic in towardly quantities result in largest growth and higher herb yield.

During summer, the plants should be mulched with paddy or wheat straws. Drip irrigation yield largest results.

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