How To Grow And Repotting Orchids – Gardening Tips
Gardening Tips

How To Grow And Repotting Orchids – Gardening Tips

The beauty, incredible diversity ad complexity of orchid flowers are unrivalled in the plant world. These exotic beauties comprise the largest family of flowering plants on earth, comprising over 30,000 different species and over 200,000 hybrid varieties. Orchids can be found in the arctic tundra, the equatorial tropics, and everywhere in between. The reason for this diversity lies in the orchid’s amazing ability to adapt to its given environment. With so many different orchid varieties that thrive in so many different growing conditions, it is relatively easy to find an orchid that is well suited to the conditions that you can provide — whether it is a full-size greenhouse or a kitchen window.

Phalaenopsis, Cattleya, and Paphiopedilum orchids are amongst the easiest to grow and are recommended for orchid growers and most beginner gardeners.

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