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I am an urticaria patient and my vlog is meant to share the dos and donts of my urticarian daily ordeal and that in return I am hopeful that I will be receiving helpful and handful of words/ comments/ information here from you which I can gather.
As far as I know, urticaria differs from one person to another inasmuch as it involves one’s own immune system and the tolerance level of hypersensitivity to every food, activities, and allergens which we are exposed to.
So, from my end, I feared to be exposed from almost everything which triggers my urrticaria that is from change of weather, dust, food, activities, stress.
As my urticarian ordeal has been existing since childhood but was only con”rmed in my early 20s, my urticaria has been just like my twin which is growing and getting old with me.
The best solution that I could share with is my persistence of management of its every attack up to its worst resulting to anaphylaxis where your heart beat literally slows down until you feel that it want to stop.
You heard it right, the magic word is “management” because there is actually no cure but temperance and discipline in everything.
Tending to manage my urticaria, I was forced to cook my meals to prevent allergic food intakes such as various preservatives, seafoods, eggs, et al. In times of food cravings, my allergologist recommended that I can eat a minimal allergic food once in a while at my own tolerance level as part of my immunity test tolerance.
Till then, waiting for your handful honeybears….

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