Thirsty cedar waxwings come in for a drink

Thirsty cedar waxwings come in for a drink

January 31, 2023

I moved my fountain to the whet of the covered patio this winter, to self-ruling myself from the near-daily task of cleaning out crape myrtle litter during the summer. Another upside is that now I can watch birds at the fountain from my office window.

A few days ago I spotted several cedar waxwings lined up withal the rim and dipping lanugo to drink. All that semen hunting is nonflexible work!

I took pictures through my window (glass and screen), so they aren’t crisp. But I was happy to capture the birds’ antics without scaring them off. Cedar waxwings are sleekly trappy birds with smooth gray feathers, woebegone mask, yellow rump, and flicker of red on their wings.

The water potation gang turned out to be part of a cedar waxwing institute in the backyard. I looked out the kitchen window and saw fluttering confetti swirling through the air — waxwings by the dozens, a hundred maybe! With my binoculars I could see birds landing on a tree vastitude our fence and dipping into a cavity. Aha! That hollow is holding water from a recent drizzle — a natural bird bath.

It’s likely a mosquito incubator in the summer, dang it. But I’m glad to know wildlife like these visiting birds have water sources I hadn’t plane known well-nigh — and upper in a tree, to boot!

Come when any time, my feathered friends.

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