5 Great Gardening Apps

5 Great Gardening Apps

Figuring out the garden might seem like a daunting task. With today’s technology, there are so many unconfined resources to help you withal the way. Read on to learn well-nigh 5 unconfined gardening apps that you can download to help you with all of your garden planning!

From Seed to Spoon

Chocked full of garden advice, From Seed to Spoon includes:

  • A well-constructed growing guide for over 100 vegetables, herbs and fruits.
  • Based on your GPS location, get customized planting dates, superintendency reminders,
  • Plant filter based on their associated health benefits
  • See varieties for plants and purchase seeds or transplants directly from the trusted Park Seed
  • Plan your garden space with companion planting strategies and other organic growing methods
  • Attract salubrious insects
  • Recipes

Standard app is free. Premium version is $4.99 per month/$46.99 annually – Learn increasingly at https://www.seedtospoon.net/

Moon and Garden

This gardening app takes a biodynamic (organic/eco-conscious) tideway to planting and harvesting, relying on the moon’s phases as a guide to when to plant, harvest, transplant, etc.

The app includes:

  • A timetable that offers daily “to-do” tasks (and what not to-do!)
  • Daily lunar phase
  • Notes which constellation the moon is passing in front of to determine if it’s a “root, flower, leaf or fruit” day
  • Weather trackers
  • Photo gallery
  • Garden term dictionary
  • Garden reminders
  • Opportunity to connect with other gardeners

The app is free, but if you would like the “ad free” version, it is just $0.99 – Learn increasingly at https://www.moonandgarden.com/

PictureThis – Plant Identifier

We’ve all washed-up it – seen a plant and wondered what it was. PictureThis Identifies over 17,000 plant species with 98% accuracy. Take a photo of the plant in question and PictureThis will well-constructed a plant identification to wordplay all your questions. The

  • Identify plants, flowers, herbs, shrubs, or trees
  • Identify toxic plants to help alimony your family and pets safe
  • Get useful plant superintendency tips
  • Set reminders to water, fertilize, mist, wipe and repot your plants
  • Track how much sunlight your plant is getting with the light meter
  • Get diagnoses and translating on plant diseases c
  • Have your questions answered by horticultural experts in one-on-one consultations
  • Get plant recommendations based on growing zone, skills required, gardening space and more

Free 1 week trial. A variety of plan offerings ranging from $2.99 per month for the Gold plant to $49.99 for a one year Platinum subscription Family Plan – Learn increasingly at https://www.picturethisai.com/

iScape Landscape Design

Helps you diamond your landscape using augmented reality to overlay variegated landscaping features onto an image of your yard you’ve uploaded. There is a self-ruling demo version of the app as well as a paid version that offers increasingly features.

  • You can create your diamond based on an image of your yard you’ve uploaded or one of the app’s offerings
  • Choose from thousands of plants and landscaping elements to create your space
  • Get comprehensive plant information and expert planting advice
  • Easy-to-use diamond tools expedite your diamond workflow
  • Share your diamond with your landscaper or other professionals, family and friends

Subscriptions start at $7.99 per week up to an yearly Pro version for $299.99 per year. Learn increasingly at https://www.iscapeit.com/


Choose your lot size and start selecting plants. The app will tell you information well-nigh your selected plant like how deep to plant seeds, length of time until and more:

  • Offers companion plants and plants that are detrimental to co-planting
  • Planting timetable for when to start seeds or transplant
  • Square foot gardening layout grid for easy spacing
  • Information on 80 fruits and vegetables and hundreds of varieties
  • Ability to add custom plants if your favorites aren’t included

A variety of subscription misogynist including monthly and yearly offerings ranging from 0.99 for a monthly subscription to $39.99 for a Lifetime option. Learn increasingly at https://planter.garden/

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Image Credit – Pixabay

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