Reblooming Plants: Get the Encore Youre Looking for in Your Landscape with These Repeat Bloomers

Reblooming Plants: Get the Encore Youre Looking for in Your Landscape with These Repeat Bloomers

The only thing largest than enjoying trappy blooms in your garden is enjoying them then with a repeat bloom. While annuals provide ongoing flowering throughout the growing season, perennials and shrubs are often one-and-done when it comes to blooms. But there are perennials that produce increasingly than one set of blooms in a growing season, which is known as remontancy. This term is most often used to describe reblooming roses, but there are many other remontant plants as well.

  • Plants can be remontant due to their natural growth pattern, unrepealable environmental conditions (e.g., soil/air temperature) that may occur twice in a season, or as a result of specialized tastefulness practices.

  • While there are many shrubs and vines that can rebloom, perennials offer the greatest number of reblooming varieties.

  • Deadheading can encourage reblooming when timed correctly. It’s important to remove the spent flower throne surpassing viable seeds reach maturity.

  • In midsummer, the use of a fertilizer with low nitrogen, like 5-10-5 is beneficial. This higher level of phosphorus promotes blooming.

There is a long list of reblooming plants that are trappy and work well in our landscapes here in New Jersey. Here are some of our favorites:


  • Delphinium – New Millennium series – Tall, stately spires on bushy and vigorous plants in a wide range of pastel to deep purple and undecorous shades.

  • Daylily – Passionate Returns – Beautifully formed, rosy-red, ruffled flowers, considered to be one of the weightier reblooming daylilies to date. Daylilies can survive harsh environments largest than many plants.

  • Clematis – The President – Single, violet-blue flowers with red anthers viridity early to mid-season on old growth followed by spare late summer blooms on new growth.

  • Iris – Immortality – After a gorgeous show of blooms in June, this sweetly fragrant eyeful produces a second yield of pristine white flowers in late summer.

  • Catmint – Little Titch – Flowers can be white, pink or lavender-blue, with unshapely foliage and flower spikes that towards in early summer with repeat blooms throughout the season.

  • Coreopsis – Zagreb – This topnotch plant produces bright, golden-yellow blossoms. A mid-summer shearing will help promote an spare fall bloom.


  • Lilac – Bloomerang- Blooms in spring then then from mid-summer through fall. A bit smaller than other lilacs, with beautiful, archetype lilac purple flowers and fragrance. Fall flowers are slightly smaller and darker in hue than those in spring.

  • Hydrangea
    • Incrediball – Massive blooms that start mid-summer and protract to rebloom until first frost. “Annabelle” offers snow-white flowers that age to a lush jade green. “Blush” produces frosty, silvery pink blooms.

    • Let’s Dance Series – ¡Arriba! – One of the most prolifically flowering, fastest-growing reblooming hydrangeas. Brilliant blue/pink flower verisimilitude is dependent on the soil pH.

    • Invincibelle Series, Spirit II – Gorgeous pink flowers. Continually blooms in nonstop waves from mid-summer until frost.

    • Gatsby Pink – Oakleaf hydrangea boasts big, showy blooms that quickly transform from pure white to a glorious pink, providing months of color. Handsome visionless untried foliage turns burgundy in autumn.

  • Spirea – Double Play Doozie – Deep red foliage appears in early spring. By late spring, leaves turn untried as bright, violet-red blooms emerge. Because this hybrid doesn’t produce seeds, it continues to viridity throughout the season.

  • Weigela – Sonic Viridity series, Proven Winners – Loads of hot pink flowers in May are followed by waves of blooms until frost. No deadheading is needed to see strong reblooming through summer and fall.

Roses (David Austen English Roses)

  • Princess Anne – Young flowers are deep pink, scrutinizingly red, fading to pure rich pink with a hint of yellow on their undersides. A particularly healthy variety.

  • Vanessa Bell – Pink-tinged buds unshut to stake yellow blooms, paling to white at the edges; each has a rich yellow eye. The fragrance is said to be similar to untried tea with aspects of lemon and honey.

  • Gabriel Oak – Stunning, visionless pink blooms, beautifully fragrant. Tips fade to slightly lighter pink over time. Visionless untried foliage, with mulberry-purple stems.

Bloomerang Purple Reblooming Lilac - Farmside Landscape & Design

*Image Credit – All images within this blog post are credited to Proven Winners

  • Main Image – Proven Winners – Sonic Viridity Pink Reblooming Weigela
  • Secondary Image – Proven Winners – Bloomerang Purple Reblooming Lilac