The Best Vegetable Watering Systems for Your Garden

The Best Vegetable Watering Systems for Your Garden

Vegetable garden watering system needs depend on your garden. To help you know which type you want to use, here is a basic guide to help you make your decision. Each type of irrigation has advantages and disadvantages that can vary depending on the geographical area. Position.

Types of Irrigation Systems

  • Overhead irrigation
  • Drip Irrigation
  • Soaker hose irrigation

1. Overhead irrigation

Overhead irrigation distributes water through an irrigation system. to the space on or around the foliage of the plant.

Sprinkle irrigation is a great option if you live in a desert. Climates with low humidity and/or if you grow plants that are not sensitive to it waterborne diseases (green leafy vegetables, tubers). It is more advantageous in Even desert climates are suitable for planting seeds because all the soil is preserved. The moist surface allows for better germination.

Overhead irrigation

I wouldn't do it We do not recommend using sprinkler irrigation in areas where They are wet and heavy rain is already falling. I used overload First, water when I started my container garden. I'm in Arkansas and we're here an average of 47 inches of rain per year. Humidity is usually as high as Good.

Provided that since all kinds of plants grew, including diseases I have had many fungi and pests on susceptible varieties such as tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. problems. Furthermore, our water is expensive and much of the water is consumed I made the corridors very wide, between one meter and four metres. The overload Irrigation was not a good option for my location

Advantages Of Overhead Irrigation

  • Overwatering is ideal for outdoor seedlings. Water the entire bed evenly, making it ideal for seed germination.
  • Because they exist without tubes in the flowerbeds to make the task easier pull weeds with a hoe or tool.
  • Less time for installation and disassembly
  • One of the cheapest watering methods because The vegetable garden watering system can is suitable for many plants

Disadvantages Of Overhead Irrigation

  • May promote foliar diseases of plants
  • Water everything, including walkways Weeds grow everywhere
  • You use a lot more water
  • potential for wind drift and evaporation before being reached the root zone.
  • Promotes much greater water drainage.

2. Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is a method of vegetable garden watering systems used Controlled supply of water directly to plants. There are usually holes at certain intervals with the plants to be watered. For example, if you plant lettuce, you may have a hole where the water can drain. pipe every six inches.

Drip irrigation

Although gardeners use JM Fortier and Curtis Stone Sprinkler irrigation is mainly used (see above), although drip irrigation is certainly still used. Plants, especially those grown in greenhouses such as tomatoes, peppers, etc. Cucumbers. Below is a great one Video that explains how to use drip irrigation.

Advantages Of Drip Irrigation

  • Less water waste
  • Does not favour foliar diseases
  • Less weed pressure 

Disadvantages Of Drip Irrigation

  • Complicated setup (especially if you are inexperienced) 
  • More expensive than other irrigation methods
  • Not suitable for soils that dry out easily or in hot climates

3. Soaker Hose Irrigation

An infiltration tube allows the water to infiltrate very slowly up to to ground instead of running away. Most hoses are made in recycled rubber or vinyl.

 Soaker Hose Irrigation

One consistent problem I've had with vacuum hoses is that for good irrigation the soil must be flat. I made the mistake when you run hoses between raised beds, they just don't work as well as they could. See the image below.

Advantages Of Drip Tubes

  • Less water waste
  • Do not promote foliar diseases
  • Simple setup for beginners
  •  Uses recycled materials

Disadvantages Of Dripping Pipes

  • Must be on level ground
  • In this case, it may be difficult to obtain the correct pressure different irrigated areas
  • Dura only a few years before puncturing or wearing out.

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Cleaning The Irrigation In Winter

In winter you want to empty and move the pipes Store all hoses and irrigation equipment in a protected area if you want them to last a long time wider.

As soon as we left the hose connected in winter. He I put a sprayer on the end of the hose to fill the chicken with water. As soon as dropped below 10°F, the entire pipe froze, so the expansion pressure of the frozen water inside caused the pipe to burst directly into the home's crawl space. He it’s a lesson we learned the hard way, but now we know better! Let's delete everything Hoses and fill water for chickens or vegetable garden watering system cans directly from Excellent.


Choosing the best watering system for vegetable garden is a personal choice based on many factors including geographic location, budget, and the types of crops grown.

The three best options for a garden This involves sprinkler, drip or submerged irrigation. It is essential for health Productivity of your plants to provide the right amount of water to the roots. Plant system. In most cases, rain alone is not enough to water plants. Installing an irrigation system is, therefore, the best method to meet these needs. Meet the needs of your plants while maintaining a thriving, productive garden.