A Beginner's Guide to Narrow Garden Ideas

A Beginner's Guide to Narrow Garden Ideas

Home garden are one of the best ways to bring ray of positivity in your homes. They enhance the whole look of your house and boost the environment around it. Garden is one way to make you feel close to the nature. People with garden often enjoy their time spent with flowers, greenery and wildlife which it brings. Surrounding yourself with nature has proven to reduce the stress and tension. It helps to lift up the mood and boosts the overall health of a person.

You garden can look like whatever way you wish it to be. And it is not important to have a huge backyard or garden space to build your nature corner. Even if you have a small or narrow space, that will work too! This article will help you to get started with your own garden with narrow garden ideas.

For your modern long narrow garden ideas, you can try adding up vertical garden with some beautiful flowers and other plants. Hanging baskets and plant beds can also be an option for your narrow garden ideas. Try choosing the tired plants or building a wall shelf for your plant collections.

Exploring the Possibilities of a No Grass Garden

No grass gardens are often requiring less maintenance and can be unique in their own ways. They are perfect for indoor or terrace garden ideas. For your modern long narrow garden idea, you may follow the given option.

Narrow rock gardens:

Create and make your narrow garden look classy by building a rock garden along with some of your favourite plants. Rocks always compliment the garden area and give them a stunning look.

Kitchen garden:

If you are building onto plan a narrow garden without grass then what can be better than creating a kitchen garden. You can grow your own herbs and vegetables and cook fresh meals every day.

Vertical gardening:

Vertical gardening

Vertical gardens are the best option for narrow garden ideas. They take up comparatively less space and look classy. You can shelf, fence or walls to hang or put your plants. You can also choose climbers that will stay up against the walls.

Garden of senses:

If you don't want a garden filled with grass, then you can opt for sensory garden. Try putting flowers filled with scents, put textured pots or decorate he area with variety of colors and textures to activate your senses.

Watering elements:

For your no grass garden, try putting water5 elements in your narrow garden space. Plenty of watering techniques and machines are available in market. They not only give your garden aesthetic look but makes the maintenance easier.

Narrow Walkway Garden Ideas to Inspire Your Garden

Narrow walkaway gardens are one of the clever ways to utilize the unused space of your house.

1. Using vertical gardening and making stone garden, you can make an efficient use of narrow walkaways. Select minimalists designs to create your green corner.

2. Try the Japanese Zen Garden technique. Use gravel and rocks and get some shrubs. The simpler your garden, the easier its maintenance.

3. Another modern long narrow garden idea can be adding water features in your garden. Small fountains or show pieces are easily available in market that can enhance the look of your garden.

4. Along with water, add some scents and lights too. Adding some creative lightening can change the night look of your garden area and increase its beauty.

5. Pots used for planting also leave a great impact on your garden's look. Make sure to use eat and well build pots. You can also try recycling glass jars or bottles. Make them colourful, use assorted shapes and sizes and showcase your talent along with love for gardening.

6. Decorating your garden along with maintaining it can be challenging. But it sure gives a unique touch to your garden. Try adding some artwork or sculptures to your narrow walkaway garden.

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Top 5 Narrow Garden Ideas for a Relaxing Retreat

1. Aromatic and scented plants

Some people prefer plant-based garden, some go for flowers. For your long narrow garden bed ideas, you can select aromatic flowers which will give you a pleasant scent and feel every time you spend time in your garden.

2. Comfortable and cozy seating

Comfortable and cozy seating

Having small seating space will make your garden even better. It can be small stool or a comfortable cushion. Having a cozy seating in your garden will be a perfect spot to enjoy your evening coffee.

3. Delicate lighting

Enhance the beauty of your narrow garden by setting up the soothing lights.

4. Shade

If your garden is out in the back or front yard, make sure to give it proper shade so your plants can strive better.

5. Personal touch

Give your personal touch to your narrow garden by adding personalized items such a photo, sculptures, art works, wind chimes, etc.

What Are the Best Narrow Garden Design Ideas?

The design of narrow gardens is all based up on the space that you might have. It can be either a small corner or a walkway path. It is all on you how you decide to build it. But here are some long narrow garden bed ideas for you to choose.

1. Garden wall

2. Adding outdoor/indoor mirrors

3. House plants for corners of your home

4. Bonsai collection

5. Low maintenance baby plants

6. Multi-level garden for small space

7. Adding garden accessories

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