Cannabis Indoor Gardening #4 – Flowering Smaller Plants?

Cannabis Indoor Gardening #4 – Flowering Smaller Plants?

I am starting a season two series with all new plants, including several new strains ill be growing this time around! In the past series we learned about growing strains like:

The White

White Widow

Super Silver Haze

CBD Blueberry

You can find more information about all of these strains that i grow by going to leafly. We will be revegging the old strains and will be growing several new strains directly from a seed. In the previous series you saw these little seedlings in a tent in solo cups. Now begins the real growing cycle! The new strains you will see in this series are as follows:

Ice Cream

Kings Kush

Green Crack (x3)

Red Cherry Berry

Pineapple Chunk

Blue Cheese

L.A. Sage CBD

Vessel Cartridge Pen, The only pen Ill ever use!

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MaxBloom x8 LED Grow Light:


LED Light:

COB Light:

Grow Tent:

Nutrient Line:

CO2 mushrooms:

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