How to Deal with Diseased Plants in the Vegetable Garden
Vegetable Garden

How to Deal with Diseased Plants in the Vegetable Garden

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John from shares with you how he deals with diseased plants in the vegetable garden. You will also learn which vegetable plants grew disease free and which vegetables succumb to disease.

In this episode, John visits his girlfriends parents garden to share with you some of the vegetables that grew well, and some that did not grow so well in the Houston, Texas area.

First, you will learn some of the best growing and performing vegetables you should grow in your garden in coastal texas. Next you will discover some of the vegetables that did not do so well in houston and what John would do about these diseased plants.

After watching this episode, you will better know what to do if your plants are diseased in your vegetable garden.. How to handle the situation and more importantly, how to avoid the situation in the future.

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