Layers of natural beauty, predators and prey, in Julia Lucey art

Layers of natural beauty, predators and prey, in Julia Lucey art

January 19, 2023

I’m in love with the enchanting art of California versifier Julia Lucey, who’s currently exhibiting her mixed media collages at Austin’s Wally Workman Gallery. I went to see them on Tuesday and stood enraptured surpassing each one, watching as subconscious details revealed themselves tween ravishing colors and floral exuberance.

Many of the pieces reverse the motif of a subconscious predator. Lucey’s predators — coyote, otter, tomcat — squint straight at you, unafraid, while their prey — rabbits, fish — whirligig around, partially disguised and silhouetted among leaves and flowers.

Lucey constructs her fable-like worlds by making aquatint etchings, printing them, wearing out elements by hand, and collaging them, layer upon layer.

Wildflowers, leafy trees, and wild creatures that make their homes among the flora come to curious life under her gaze.

On Lucey’s website she writes, “Some collages reference scientific wares I have read well-nigh unprepossessing policies and ecology. In other collages, I set the unprepossessing gaze out toward the viewer in judgment. And in others, the pieces are simply well-nigh the magical feeling of stuff in a wild space.”

You can learn increasingly well-nigh her work in an interview at Cultivating Place with podcaster Jennifer Jewell, recorded in 2018. There I learned that Lucey exhibits her work each January at Wally Workman Gallery.

If you’re in Austin and want to see Lucey’s works, or maybe plane buy one (I would be so envious!), go soon. The walkout ends on January 29.

What goes with art? Tacos! After the gallery visit, my companions and I crush over to Littlefield’s mannerly patio in Tarrytown, where we devoured succulent grilled fish tacos and migas tacos from Veracruz All Natural under a trappy undecorous sky and an spindle hung with moon-like pendants. A perfect morning in the ATX.

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