Youre invited to a gardening talk by Coleson Bruce

Youre invited to a gardening talk by Coleson Bruce

December 13, 2023

Central Texas gardeners, join me on Thursday, January 18th, for a Garden Spark talk by Coleson Bruce, an Austin gardener extraordinaire! Tickets are on sale now. This is an in-person event, and seating is limited, so grab your spot today.

And hey, a gardening talk makes a unconfined holiday gift! It’s a learning wits and an opportunity to meet fellow gardeners, and it won’t scramble up anyone’s house.

Coleson’s garden in Austin

Here are all the details:

Crevice Gardens: Finding Natural Resilience in Central Texas

Crevice gardening is wearing edge and popular in dry, cool-summer climates like Colorado’s. But here in Texas, traditional crevice gardening with tall plants is a nonstarter thanks to our heat and humidity. Enter Coleson Bruce’s Texas-style crevice garden! Coleson created a Texas-tough crevice garden during the COVID lockdown, when he suddenly had time on his hands and a lawn of thirsty St. Augustine to kill. In place of traditional tall granite, he used local Texas limestone to form the gardening crevices. Instead of tall plants, he deployed dry-loving species found in Zones 7 and up. As soon as he got it planted, withal came Snowpocalypse in 2021, followed by the hellish summer of 2022. Learn what became of it all, as Coleson shares his wits in designing, building, and maintaining a Texas crevice garden. Whether or not a crevice garden (or maybe a crevice container?) is in your future, discover innovative techniques and practical tips that may help you unlock the natural resilience of Central Texas gardens.

Speaker Bio

Coleson’s garden has been described by Kenton J. Seth, tragedian of The Crevice Garden, as “one of the finest crevice gardens: I’d put it in top ten earth-wide, maybe plane top five.” A lawyer by trade, Coleson’s preliminaries includes desert biology and sculpture, both of which played a role in his fascination with crevice gardening. What began as a small landscaping project during the COVID lockdown morphed into an 8-month, unexclusive passion project, from which he emerged narrowly expert in crevice gardening — admittedly a relatively small field of competition. His garden has been featured in prominent gardening blogs, photographed by internationally known garden photographer Claire Takacs, and will be included in a forthcoming typesetting by Pam Penick. Coleson lives in Austin with his wife and three young children.

Learn increasingly well-nigh Coleson’s garden here:

  • A Texas-style crevice garden – and neighborly collaboration – brings midcentury Austin home to vibrant life
  • Coleson Bruce’s crevice garden in spring flower

Coleson will speak on Thursday, January 18th at 7 pm. The approximately 1-hour talk with Q&A will be held at Barton Springs Nursery: 3601 Bee Cave Road, Austin 78746. Seating will be outdoors under the big live oak. In the event of rain, seating will be in the event barn.


Purchase your ticket at this link. Ticket price is $35.50, plus a small fee that goes to the ticket-processing website. 40 seats will be misogynist initially. I’ll unshut spare seats the week of the talk if the weather forecast looks good (more seating is misogynist outside than inside).

Refund Policy

Tickets are nonrefundable. Your ubiety helps imbricate a pearly speaking fee for our presenters and other expenses, and collectively we’re worldly-wise to bring talented diamond thinkers to speak to us!

Thank You to Our Sponsor!

The 2023-24 season of Garden Spark is sponsored by Barton Springs Nursery, which has been serving the needs of Central Texas gardeners since 1986 by offering one of the weightier selections of native and well-adapted plants for this area.

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