The Fascinating Story Of The Christmas Rose

The Fascinating Story Of The Christmas Rose

The Christmas rose plant is a perennial with lovely flowers it blooms during the darkest days of winter. Not even a thin layer Snow holds this hardy perennial down, which may be why it looks the way it does Things from myths and legends.

You have everything here what you need to know about this tough? Christmas flowers, including instructions on how to make them bloom until spring. For more inspiration, check out our colourful collection of flowering shrubs here.

The Christmas Rose In Myths And Legends

The word hellebore originally derives from the Greek “hellein”. Which means “eat” and “bora” which means “kill”, indicating that it is a Christmas rose toxic if consumed. Like many other poisons, the plant was also used as a medicine In ancient times and myths a drug overdose is said to be involved. Hellebore caused the death of Alexander the Great.

A much more enchanting myth about the Christmas rose plant it is the story of a young shepherdess named Madelon. Legend says so one cold night, Madelon was herding her flock and saw the three wise men they spend the birth of Christ bringing their gifts to the baby Jesus. Madelon cried because she had nothing to give. But when her tears fell to the ground, an angel appeared she pushed aside the snow to reveal a plant with beautiful white flowers: a Christmas pink... and the perfect gift.

Christmas rose plant

How To Grow And Care For Your Christmas Rose

Although it is sometimes given as a houseplant, Helleborus Niger should not be kept for more than a few days or even indoors then it should be placed in a cool, bright place and the soil must remain moist. When planting, be careful about choosing the final location, as with everything Hellebore, once established, your Christmas rose does not like to be disturbed.

Choose a partially shaded location and plant in fertile, fertile locations well-drained soil. Hellebore prefers neutral and alkaline soils rich in Organic materials, such as mole or compost, are incorporated. After sowing apply a layer of mulch to your Christmas rose plant followed by the covering General purpose fertilizer every spring.

A favourite in the cottage garden and a beautiful winter flower. Evergreen planting Christmas roses are a must for those looking for a winter flower. But why stop here? There are many plants that flower in winter take your pick, along with some beautiful foliage plants to add colour and interest to all. During the darkest months. For more information, see our guide on Plant a winter bed.

Christmas Roses For Christmas!

But there is another way to plant Christmas roses. Christmas: you can buy a plant already in flower. Yes, in some garden centres During the Christmas period you will see hellebores in full bloom In fact, they make great Christmas plants, with flowers that last until March.

Personally, I was more than a little skeptical about this. Information. What might be a perennial that normally requires a cold winter? Is it possible to spend the winter in an overheated house and still be alive in the spring? Of course the information could be valid in Europe or in the more temperate areas of the north. USA, where you can plant outdoors from February, but in climates like mine, where snow falls early and stays for months, we probably won't be able to plant the poor creature outdoors before May - that is Three more months of mild temperatures for a plant accustomed to a long, very long life Cold winter!

Christmas rose plant

Do it Happy Hellebore

Every time you buy hellebore, at Christmas or in spring, you should plant them outside a forest or other low-lying location deciduous trees for shade in summer, but also enough shade Sunshine in spring. They prefer soils rich in nutrients, well drained and not too acidic. In cold climates (zones 3 to 5), apply a thick layer of dead leaves autumn, otherwise the theoretically evergreen foliage may die Cold. Of course, even if the leaves die, this will not stop the plant. It will bloom in early spring... and with it will sprout fresh, healthy leaves Flowers.

However, their hardiness varies: some are hardy to zone 3, others do not grow beyond zone 7, but in general most hybrid hellebore species are hardy enough to survive in zone 4, at least in climates with abundant snow cover.

What is the Christmas rose?

The Christmas rose plant is not actually a rose, but a Hellebore – Hellebore Niger. With dark green leathery leaves, it is a clump-forming perennial that thrives in partial shade or under deciduous trees. It’s incredibly pure white flowers stand out even in the snow and can keep up to 4 cm in diameter. As they age, the flowers often become darker, even pink or green. And if you die at this time, more white flowers will continue to appear.

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The choice is yours

So you have the choice: buy a hellebore in full bloom Christmas or wait until spring for more options and better prices. Any of them in a way, hellebore is a wonderful plant that you should definitely try if you have a hellebore. Corner of shade in your garden. And keep an eye on your garden in January, when the climate is still mild... you never know!